One moment of happiness was when I took the time to write a handwritten letter to a person that I appreciate very much.

Myriam, France

My happiest moment was when I got engaged with my fiancee in Aruba. I was nervous like never before. It was a really funny and magical moment because when I took the rings and stood on my knees, I forgot everything I had planned to say. He just saw my face and understood immediately, and of course said Yes :)

Jacob Cifuentes, Guatemala

This morning I received a message from a friend who advised me that a dear friend of us, in one of his rare moments of lucidity, has decided, with the help of medical friends, to begin a psychiatric rehabilitation program that will help him to feel better. It’s a very happy day❤️

Marty, Italy

I'm a teacher. Yesterday I met up with a group of pupils I taught when they were 16; they are now all in their mid-twenties. As well as a joyful reunion it was wonderful to hear how they are all getting on now. Plus it was just lovely to hear how fondly they remembered me and how the qualification I taught them had been of great use in their professional lives. Lovely!

Robert, United Kingdom

As I stepped onto the crowded metro last week, I noticed a bouquet of vibrant flowers sitting all alone next to my seat. Its presence was a whimsical surprise in this otherwise dull subway. I couldn't help but wonder who had left it behind and what their story might be. I decided to be the keeper of this mysterious bouquet. I brought it home, carefully arranging it in a vase. It was unexpected, it was colourful and it made my day.

Julia, Mexico

Every afternoon my mother waits for me at the exit of the school to pick me up. I am always very happy to see her after a long day at school. She usually surprises me with little snacks from my favorite bakery, which I eat on the way home. I always look forward to this part of the day.

Lou, Germany

Once a week, my daughter and I have a movie night together. We prepare some snacks, put on some comfortable clothes and get cozy on the couch. Most of the time, I suggest movies to her that I loved to watch as a kid. For me, it's like a little trip back in time to my childhood when we watch these movies together. I really enjoy these evenings.

Nadine, Germany

My happy moment is when im surrounded by nature. Its funny how we learn humanity from non-Humans..

Leena , Israel

Today I saw a very important friend for the very first time. And that's it. Just this is enough, I really don't have to say anything else. It was exactly like I expected. And while I'm walking in the supermarket, texting this thing, I'm thinking how grateful I'm for all these 8 years. You are very important for me. Thank you for staying.

Nay, Brazil

In the mornings, when I go down to the kitchen, my dog ​​Nala is waiting for me with such impatience that she trembles, her nose in the air, her tail wagging faster and faster as I approach... It fills me with joy every time.

Elise, Belgium

I try to take my son to the park a few times a week. As soon as we pull up he screams with excitement. I can't help but smile. As soon as his feet touch the grass he takes off. Watching him run, squeal, and laugh brings me so much joy. You can just see how free he feels. Watching his hair blow in the wind as he runs with the sun shining on his face is such a beautiful moment for me.

Shelby, United States

Once a month, I take the train and go to visit my grandpa, he is now living alone. We sit at the kitchen table, a deck of cards spread out between us. Playing cards is just an excuse, because he spends most of the time telling me stories and old jokes I heard a dozen times already. But I love these moments!

Carol, United States

One of my weekly happy moments is simply to grab take-away food from our favourite restaurant after work. Not having to cook, not having to wash the dishes...easy life!

Rob, Spain

Rummaging through my cluttered drawers, I stumbled upon one long-lost necklace given by my sister. A wave of happiness washed over me as I held the cherished gift item in my hand. It was a small victory in the midst of routine life.

Julie, France

Watching my young son take his first wobbly steps, his face lit up with a triumphant grin. I scooped him up in my arms, and we shared a proud father-son hug. It was simple, I was off from work that morning and could fully enjoy that rare moment.

Roberto, Brazil

Last June I was volunteer in a huge summer festival. I danced and sang along with thousands of fans, feeling the electric energy of the concert. It was a night of pure bliss, lost in the music and the moment.

Victoria, Ireland

As I sat in a church during a weekend trip in a different country, the sunlight streamed through the stained glass, filling the space with vibrant colors. I felt a deep sense of peace and connection with my faith, knowing I was exactly where I needed to be.

Isabelle, Finland

During a team meeting, my idea was met with enthusiastic applause. I felt a surge of pride and camaraderie. It was a small win, but it made my day at work incredibly fulfilling.

Anthony, Luxembourg

Under the setting sun of September, I enjoyed a warm cup of tea on my porch. A gentle breeze brushed my face, and kids' laughter from a nearby park made me smile. It was a peaceful moment, reminding me of life's little pleasures I often miss.

Sylvia, United Kingdom

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